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                  Gift Wrapping

                  Gift Wrapping Service

                  Trees make wonderful unique gifts that bring the recipient years of enjoyment or special memories. To make it extra special, we offer a tree gift wrapping service for trees up to 2.5 metres in height. The service includes eco friendly hessian to wrap the tree, all tied up with a pretty ribbon bow in a colour of your choice and our own botanical gift card written with your personal message. Gift vouchers are also available.

                  Gift tree for golden wedding anniveraryGift wrapped treeGift tree for wedding

                  Recommended Trees For Specific Occasions

                  Trees are ideal long lasting gifts to mark births, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new homes, retirement and just about any other occasion you can think of! Therefore we've put together this guide to choosing a tree for a specific occasion. We also have a large range of soft fruit bushes and small Japanese Maple shrubs which make brilliant gifts at a lower price point. Alternatively, our customer service team can help you select a tree for any event or advise you on what looks good "now", whatever time of year that it is.

                  AnniversaryCercis Hearts of Gold or Cornus florida Cloud Nine
                  Golden Wedding Anniversary - Malus 'Golden Gem'
                  WeddingPrunus incisa The Bride, Exochorda serratifolia Snow White, or Prunus shogetsu Blushing Bride
                  Sympathy - Magnolia Brooklynensis Yellow Bird AKA Yellow Lily Tree
                  New Home - Our range of topiary will look welcoming at the recipients new front door or quickly smarten up a garden
                  Christmas gifts – We've got a separate Christmas Gifts section which lists some suggestions
                  Birthday gifts - You can use the recipients birth tree or use our search box to find out if there is a variety that shares the recipients name, such as Magnolia 'Susan' for the Susan's of this world
                  December 24th – January 20th  –  Birch
                  January 21st – February 17th
                    – Rowan
                  February 18th – March 17th
                  – Ash or Lilac
                  March 18th – April 14th
                  April 15th – May 12th
                    – Willow
                  May 13th – June 9th
                  June 10th – July 17th
                  July 18th – August 4th
                  August 5th – September 1st
                  September 2nd –September 29th
                  – Vine or Apple
                  September 30th – October 27th
                  – Ivy
                  October 28th – November 24th
                  - Reed
                  November 25th – December 21st
                  – Elder